Horror News

Rei Kigata, a young boy who studies at Ishido Junior High School in Japan, did not believe in ghosts, spirits, or anything supernatural. But one night, as the clock struck twelve, a newspaper materialized out of thin air. The masthead read “Horror News”. Rei reads article after article proving the existence of ghosts, spirits, paranormal phenomena, and even prophecies of death. The following day, one of these prophecies comes true when a teacher at Rei’s school suddenly dies horrifically. Horror News continues to arrive at Rei’s house night after night, and his morbid curiosity compels him to read every volume. Too afraid to open its pages, yet too gripping to look away, reading Horror News once will scare a 100 days off your life!

Genre: Horror, mystery
Episode length: 1:30 / per epi
Episode completed: 132 x 1:30
Language: Japanese with Chinese subtitle

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